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Use the Sunbed Directory to discover the best companies and businesses operating in the UK sunbed industry. Search through a complete range sunbed related services, from commercial and domestic sunbed rental to servicing and parts supply.

Whether you’re looking to open a fully-fledged commercial tanning salon or just thinking about renting a sunbed for use at home before you hit the beech. You can be sure to find a broad selection of both regional and national sunbed service providers.

If you decide to go ahead and use one of the businesses or services found on the directory. Please leave a review and let others know if you recommend the company

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Join the Sunbed Directory and get your business listed. To be eligible to join, businesses must provide services related to the UK tanning industry. Examples of such services are; sunbed hire, sunbed repair, and supply store. Joining the directory and listing your business is really easy. It requires no technical know-how and for a limited time only is free of charge. Just follow the instructions found here to get started


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The Sunbed Directory is a growing hub of businesses and companies within the UV tanning sector. Any business related to the UK sunbed industry is invited to become a member of the directory. Join today and get your business in front of our ever-increasing traffic. We focus heavily on our SEO strategy and aim to rise steadily up the search engine ranks in the near future. Generating even more organic traffic. Just recently we have also been finalizing a targeted paid promotion strategy. This too will bring awareness to the directory and its members